VirtusaPolaris is a global leader in information technology (IT) services providing truly transformational and millennial services to diverse clients through IT consulting, technology and outsourcing services. We are committed to accelerating our client's business outcomes with solid investments in the latest technology, backed by the expertise of our talented global workforce.

VirtusaPolaris is an industry leader with a solid track record of software solution delivery success as evidenced by our many success stories. VirtusaPolaris has a highly referenceable and repeatable client base. We pride ourselves in delivering benefits in productivity, profitability and shareholder value for our clients.

Focus on innovation

Innovation isn't just a buzz word at VirtusaPolaris; it’s one of the pillars on which we operate and differentiate ourselves from competitors. Our dedicated Centers of Excellence and investments in emerging technology constantly ensure that we stay at the cutting edge of technology.

Millennial outlook

VirtusaPolaris not only enables clients to be millennial ready, but also leverages millennial technologies to enhance employee efficiency and collaboration. We adopt gamification to measure employee productivity and foster a culture of collaboration through various proprietary tools and technologies.

Pioneer and best practitioner of GDM

We achieve a best-in-class 20/80 on-site/offshore ratio through an enhanced global delivery model. We provide value-added services rapidly and cost-effectively through our delivery centers in India, Sri Lanka, Hungary, Singapore and Malaysia, and a near shore center in the United States.

A diverse, global peer community

We pride ourselves in our rich, diverse workforce by bringing together people from different geographies, cultures and ethnicities. At VirtusaPolaris, employees have the opportunity to be part of global teams that work seamlessly to make a difference.

Endless opportunities

We devote significant resources to train and integrate new and lateral hires into our global team. We enable employees to achieve an accelerated career growth by empowering them with the right capabilities for a holistic and progressive career journey.

Our Values

Pursuit of Excellence

Expand the contours of our customer experience through innovation and acceleration of business outcomes.

  • Demonstrate innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness.
  • Help create high performance teams, predictable results, and rigorous execution.
  • Seek continuous self-improvement and constant learning.


Be forthright and honest in all our interactions.

  • Demonstrate genuine sincerity and personal honor; work without a hidden agenda.
  • Hold oneself to a high degree of accountability and assume responsibility for actions.
  • Establish realistic expectations and meet commitments.


Treat our stakeholders, environment & our diversity with respect.

  • Treat clients and colleagues with genuine respect and value the intrinsic qualities of each.
  • Enhance client respect for VirtusaPolaris at every opportunity, build strong trusted advisor relationships.
  • Support team members, find solutions not fault.


Lead by serving those being led and be accountable when things go awry.

  • Lead by example (Inspire), encourage others to take ownership (Empower).
  • Engage with the team to collaborate and develop the best Solution through collective wisdom.
  • Assign success to the team, take personal responsibility if things go wrong.

Work Environment

Imagine a work environment that values technological innovation, respects integrity and stimulates enthusiasm. A place where you get a chance to do great work and collaborate alongside some of the brightest people you have ever met!


VirtusaPolaris provides a platform for open discussion and debate. Our people policies are constantly updated to meet the evolving needs of our employees. We conduct an annual "Global Team Member Survey” to capture employee feedback on important issues. Our transparent environment also provides an interactive HR portal for employees to send their comments or address their queries with a prompt and openly published response.


At VirtusaPolaris, you'll find an environment that allows you to explore and map a dynamic career path tailored to your personal goals, and a supportive community of professionals working together towards real opportunities to positively impact our company, partners, clients and their own careers. We offer a truly collaborative work environment based on a ‘People Excellence’ model.


VirtusaPolaris has led a paradigm shift in software development, by setting highest standards for Engineering Excellence. We invest in best-in-class infrastructure to enable our employees in optimizing their efforts to achieve greater client delight. Our employees have the opportunity to be part of a team influencing and providing thought leadership on cutting edge technologies to Fortune 500 companies and industry leading software firms.


VirtusaPolaris offers a well-balanced work style that reflects our philosophy of work hard and play hard. We offer recreation and work-out facilities for employees to socialize, build relationships, and collaborate in informal, recreational settings with team members. There are various social clubs at VirtusaPolaris that organize fun-filled and collaborative events and provide opportunities for co-workers to build common bonds.


We strongly support and encourage professional growth. VirtusaPolaris provides a framework as well as a set of tools and technologies for team members to advance their knowledge, expertise, competency development, and education. Our commitment to aligning individual career aspirations with our organizational goals provides the foundation for professional development.

Apply for a Job

If you are seeking to work in an organization where people are acknowledged for their exceptional talent, passion, dedication, commitment, innovation and creativity- you have reached your destination. Join VirtusaPolaris and enjoy endless opportunities in providing thought leadership, building sophisticated cutting edge solutions and creating client delight.