Hall #2, Meeting Room # 2040
Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain (27th Feb – 2nd March, 2017)

Empowering CSPs to Reimagine Consumer Experience
and Accelerate Time-to-Market

Powered by prebuilt Digital solution accelerators and customer experience assessment frameworks

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VirtusaPolaris continues to transform business and IT landscape across global CSPs

Omnichannel provides a single platform to deliver seamless customer experience across channels

Contextual Real-time Offers delivers a personalized experience

Accelerate time-to-market through VirtusaPolaris’ Product modelling Solutions

Subscriber 360+ allows to get insights on consumers, devices, apps and usage patterns

Drive self-service and innovation with VirtusaPolaris’ API Management Solutions

Cognitive Mobility delivers SMART experience to employees and customers

Data Monetization leverages your data to provide valuable business insights

Robotic Process Automation drives efficiency across operations and customer lifecycle

Enabling operators to build an IoT ecosystem (Powered by SkyLab) to deliver cross vertical business models

Exclusive one-on-one Meetings

Key Focus Areas

Next-gen customer experience, Enterprise mobility 2017, Innovative telecommunication solutions


27th Feb - 2nd March, 2017


9 AM - 5 PM


Hall 2.0, Meeting Room# 2040

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Meet our Leaders

Srinivasan Jayaraman

Executive VP, Communications, Media, Information and Entertainment SBU

Adam Gabrault

VP, Global Head - Mobility Practice

Ravi Kumar Palepu

Sr. Director & Global Solutions Head, Communications Business Unit

Arun Suraj

VP, Communications Business Unit

Ketan Somani

VP, Communications Business Unit

Athar Naqi

Director, Communications Business Unit

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