CLM Hub is a tool that integrates/orchestrates different systems (like KYC, Credit, Onboarding, Legal) in the background to give a single/unified of the client on-boarding process. It is similar to a Hub-Spoke model with the Hub either driving the overall process or monitoring it based on notifications received from the systems that form the spokes.
VirtusaPolaris has built a strong CLM practice working with the top banks and developing in-house solution accelerators. By combining our expertise in BPM based workflow, robotic automation and quick-fix solutions VirtusaPolaris has enabled banks achieve savings and efficiency.
Key Features
  • Facade which gives single view/dashboard for users – hiding key systems behind
  • UI to update status of a process stage if its manual
  • Rules engine to orchestrate flow path real-time based on prior information
  • Connectors to integrate with diverse systems and communication protocols
  • Lightweight and quick to implement/deploy

Business Benefits

  • Single global view of onboarding clients
  • Low investment
  • Ability to manage operations more efficiently
  • Quick solution to resolve burning issues
  • Frees time to design / implement strategic initiatives