Compliance Suite for Alternative Investments (CSalt)

Regulations pose data management and compliance issues to alternative investment advisers

CSalt frameworkCSalt preview

The current regulatory environment requires alternative investment advisers and the businesses that support them (fund administrators, fund services businesses and prime brokers) to report more information extracted from more data sources than ever. Most of this data is housed in systems that were not initially developed to meet these new reporting requirements. Now more than ever, the risk and liability for reporting inconsistent information is very high.

The initial filing process for Form PF in 2012 exposed the need to provide a more robust, user friendly and cost effective solution for data management in order to drive compliance and reporting needs. These requirements create significant challenges for the alternative investment community. Manual solutions are expensive and time-consuming and are quickly giving way to automated and efficient ones.

CSalt: Virtusa’s Compliance Suite for Alternative Investments

Virtusa’s CSalt provides the alternative investment adviser community the ability to translate data into categories and schema required to meet today’s reporting requirements. CSalt gives users control over the data loading and normalization process for each of their funds in a secure, simple, transparent and cost effective manner and is designed to adapt to future requirements as well.

CSalt provides advisers with a single data depository that can be utilized to generate regulatory compliance, management, investor and marketing reports. The approach reduces risk, ensures consistency, saves time and ensures that reporting needs are in line with the same CFO and CCO approved underlying data sets.

Business benefits

  • Minimized business-IT divide for improved reaction time
  • Increased efficiency in reporting and data gathering for tangible business decisions
  • Enhanced data integrity and control
  • Mitigated data and process risk

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