Operational Risk Management

Virtusa partners with MetricStream to offer the ORM App, allowing organizations to better manage and optimize their operational risk processes driving business objectives and strategic decision making. The ORM App allows the streamlining and automation of end-to-end risk management processes including control self-assessments (RCSA), loss management, KRI, KPI, capital calculations, and scenario analysis. Integrating these capabilities into one framework allows a closed-loop approach to operational risk management with higher visibility, using powerful dashboards and reports to hone-in on how an organization is meeting regulatory requirements and ensure maximum compliance.


  • Risk-Control Self-Assessments (RCSAs)
    Flexible risk methodologies and algorithms, heat maps, survey tools, and scenario analysis mechanisms to measure risks and control effectiveness
  • Centralized Risk Library
    ORM framework that incorporates operational risks, controls, processes, business units, policies, and regulations
  • Loss Event Management and KRI Monitoring
    Systematic and consistent approach to loss identification, assessment, tracking, and remediation, monitoring KRIs, and triggering automated alerts when needed
  • Issue Management
    Systematic cycle of issue investigation, root cause analysis, and corrective action
  • Reporting
    Real-time tracking of operational risks through dashboards and reports
  • Operational Risk Analytics
    Robust tools such as Monte Carlo Simulation techniques to model potential operational risks and losses


  • Streamlined operational risk management across the board
  • Ability to manage multiple processes and data in a single comprehensive framework
  • Prompt identification and management of loss events, pinpointing recurring issues, and resolving them swiftly
  • Deeply automated workflows for ORM processes
  • Optimized decision-making based on instant and reliable operational risk intelligence
  • Enhanced ability to predict and control risk outcomes, improving the accuracy of capital allocation determination
  • Comprehensive platform for different global operational risk management regulations including regulations based on BASEL II/III
Virtusa has also partnered with Parabole, an advanced analytics company that provides machine learning software to solve complex risk management challenges.