SOX Compliance Management

Virtusa helps to make Sarbanes-Oxley compliance easier and more efficient through the MetricStream SOX Compliance Management App, enabling your business to fortify an all-inclusive internal controls system specifically for SOX compliance such as SOX 404 and SOX 302. The App allows for the definition, testing, and monitoring of internal controls using various control frameworks, including COSO. The App consolidates findings from across your business for review and certification while also streamlining assessments and control surveys, and providing users with a built-in library with over 1,500 tests to help improve control testing.


  • Process Design and Setup
    Design, and improvement of internal controls, capturing and mapping in-scope processes, sub-processes, risks, controls, and control tests in a complete framework
  • Scope and Planning
    Identification of significant accounts, disclosures, and business processes
  • Control Evaluation and Testing
    Systematic and consistent control assessments, using advanced tools for scoring and reporting results
  • Certification and Attestation
    Compliance with the certification requirements under SOX 302 and SOX 404
  • Remediation and Disclosure
    Remediation of control deficiencies and issues, enabling auditors to address the issues effectively
  • SOX Compliance Monitoring
    Enterprise-wide visibility into SOX compliance, with real-time tracking of controls
  • Reporting
    Standard and custom control monitoring reports, with consolidated view of SOX compliance metrics and trend analysis


  • Process Design and Setup
  • Scope and Planning
  • Control Evaluation and Testing
  • Certification and Attestation
  • Single system for compliance and controls activities
  • Systematic and consistent approach to SOX compliance
  • Streamlining and automating control testing and remediation
  • Ability for auditors to focus on testing and oversight, moving control tasks to process owners
  • Comprehensive, real-time visibility into the status of SOX compliance, lowering risk exposure