Mobile Banking

The number of mobile banking users globally is forecasted to double to 1.8 billion by 2019, representing over 25% of the world’s population. At present, there are 53 million active users of mobile banking in the U.S and 38% active users in Europe. The worldwide mobile transactions are also expected to surpass 1 Trillion U.S. dollars in 2019. Addressing these needs calls for a delightful Mobile Banking experience tied across channels with full-featured mobility solutions.

Business Benefits

  • Consult to know “Mobile Banking Industry Landscape” including evolving disruptions and thus accordingly position your mobile services to be the leader in market
  • Innovatively position yourself for providing Digital Lifestyle mobile banking and not a regular mobile banking
  • Experience focused on simplicity and convenience of mobile banking services, which will deliver delight and ensure loyalty
  • Design for Loyalty, Rewards Management, and Digital Marketing that will result in better consumer retention rates and up/cross sells opportunities
  • Future-proof apps, backed up by Our industry-leading SLA, ensures that your investment never becomes obsolete


VitusaPolaris has built a set of leading edge Mobile Banking capabilities, including but not limited to

Enable Digital Lifestyle

  • Segment based experience aligned to various lifestyle needs

Connect to Market Ecosystem

  • API based social and market connects to enable reach into larger digital ecosystem

Omni Channel experience

  • Mobile experience and services seamlessly aligned with other channel experience using universal digital channel layer

Voice Based Services

  • Convenience of Voice based banking

Digital Pull

  • Location based service, NFC

Paperless and Card-less

  • Transaction STP, Self-serve, Tokenization

Remote Theme

  • Personalize device theme remotely

Seamless across Platforms

  • Serve any segment using any platform


  • Intuitive Experience - Personalized assistance and themes, Tracking features
  • Self Service and STP - e-Funding, e-Forms, e-Docs
  • Assisted Services - Skype, Phone, Maps, WhatsApp
  • Social Integration - Google+ Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Secured - eKYC, ID Scanning, Digital Signature, Encryption
  • Voice Convenience Strategic Partnerships Adobe, Kony