Smart ATM

With changes in the technology landscape, and with customers increasingly moving towards online and mobile banking, the traditional ATM, which was used to dispense cash, is becoming a thing of the past. The ATM is now a key area of innovation for banks. There is potential for changing the regular bank customer –ATM interaction model and to move other high volume bank transactions to the ATM.

ATMs can be transformed to offer features traditionally offered in branches and bank staff can be freed to engage their customers in higher value advisory and sales conversations. Newer technologies can be integrated into ATM platforms to offer richer customer experiences. Smart ATMs have become a critical focus area for bank’s business strategies.

Next Gen ATM: End to End Services

VirtusaPolaris provides a comprehensive service offering to help banks implement their Smart ATM platform. This consists of the following:

  • Consulting Service: Framework ,Network ,Security and Solution Design
  • Prototyping Service: New Frameworks and message protocols
  • Migration: Migration to new framework ,OS and ATM model
  • Development: New ATM application development and enhancement
  • Integration Support: Migration support and system enhancements
  • Testing (Manual & Automation): Functional ,Performance ,Security ,Usability
  • VirtusaPolaris’ SmartATM accelerator platform helps client’s jumpstart an ATM platform initiative and cut down implementation time by 20-30%

Strategic partnerships

VirtusaPolaris has partnered with KAL to deliver some of our services.

KAL is the worlds #1 multivendor software for the ATM network with more than 40,000 installations worldwide

  • KAL multivendor ATM Software runs in more countries than any other vendor and supports 40 different ATM vendors
  • #1 Supplier of ATM Software in 20 countries including China, Hungary, Chile, Peru, Norway and Sweden
  • KAL software allows remote technical support features, reduces costs and has higher availability than traditional ATM software