Smart Transaction Banking

Banks are constantly innovating by embracing technology to give themselves the cutting edge in the competitive banking landscape. Smart IT investments are the need of the hour with a requirement of quick project turnaround times, adoption of incremental technology, and deriving maximum value out of the dollars spent. An alternative to long multi-million dollar transformation projects is the adoption of smart solutions and tools that are not only quick to implement but also help you quickly lead the pack when it comes to your ability to offer innovative products & services or optimize processes.

The Smart Transaction Banking suite from VirtusaPolaris offers a host of tools & solutions that are very quick to implement, generally non-invasive in nature and can incorporate themselves into the existing process and ecosystem with an aura and swag of a stealth fighter. Effective, accurate and yet silent.

Point Solutions

Entitlement Engine

An entitlement engine enables access to a specific of products and features to a definite set of people based on an array of coarse grain and fine grain parameters. It can sit on top of any application thereby bringing in security and access options that didn’t exist before.

The entitlement framework is the best in class and highly flexible/configurable. This can support best Entitlement practices like client definition, solution package creation, account management, account to service mapping, client configuration, workflow, access management etc. User can define fine grain entitlements at account, amount, currency, payment method, process, processing Location, sort code levels. We can predefine user roles and preferences in the current Entitlements Framework which can reused during new user creations.

Next-gen corporate portal

The solution framework has been successfully implemented in some of the top banks which are able to offer heightened security and access options and thereby deriving customer delight.

The next gen corporate portal aims to be the gateway, to all the real time, consolidated and actionable information required by the next gen corporates and corporate treasurers.


Micro-segmentation technique can break down the large existing customer segments (e.g. Mass affluent, Gold) into smaller sets meeting narrowly defined attributes. It is applicable across functions – sales, marketing, collections, risk management, investment, and operations. Micro-segmentation based actions integrated with upstream and downstream systems (DWH, CRM) can influence customer behavior & impact business KPI. Utilizing graph databases & machine learning, patterns & predictive relationships are identified in big-data scale at near real time speed with minimal human effort & time.

Smart Lending

Corporate Lending hasn’t fundamentally changes for centuries, but Smart lending solutions gives a new take on the entire lending process.