Capital Markets

VirtusaPolaris Capital Markets Practice is a domain powerhouse providing comprehensive IT services in the areas of Capital Markets, Wealth and Asset Management (Equities, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, Derivatives Commodities, Credit, Equities, Energy, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange and Interest Rates) and Security Services.
In the Capital Market space, VirtusaPolaris has clearly identified three key domain service lines of Front Office, Middle Office and Back Office and has deep customer relationship with global financial institutions in each of these service lines.

What VirtusaPolaris Offers

To compete successfully in this environment, financial services firms need to have the ability to rapidly evolve their products and services. This requires a unique end-to-end approach, a combination of business and IT consulting that is scalable and adaptive to various customer needs and channels, allowing them to deliver the right services to the right customer at the right time. These challenges demand an integrated approach to managing opportunities and business risks.

VirtusaPolaris is helping transform today’s financial services firms into tomorrow’s market leaders.


VirtusaPolaris combines deep industry experience with innovative solutions and accelerated execution capabilities that leverage a global model to help clients succeed. Success for our clients and their shareholders can be seen in a drive to innovation, accelerated time-to-market, improved customer experience and increased productivity.

Our Capital Markets Consulting team utilizes their extensive expertise in financial services and partners with our IT team in order to develop the best possible solutions, both strategically and technologically, for our clients. This is accomplished by leveraging information to improve transparency, visibility, and accessibility for our clients and their businesses. Whether it be controlling risk or managing business growth, VirtusaPolaris is prepared and equipped to position our clients for success.

This industry segment continues to strive to provide the most efficient way to deliver services while looking to provide their customers with increasing capabilities in middle and back office services. Yet customization of those services can come at great inefficiency and cost, but standardizing runs the risk of being left behind by more innovative competitors.

We have extensive experience working with some of the top investment houses, custody banks and hedge funds. Our securities and capital markets services include:

Trading, Operations, Clearance and Settlements

VirtusaPolaris' Capital Markets Consulting Division (CMC) provides wide variety of services, ranging from change management to end-to-end consulting to technological and transformational services.

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Business Process Improvement

VirtusaPolaris delivers capabilities to support business process improvement to enhance governance, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

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Financial Transformation & Product Control

Uncertainty in the financial markets has proven to be a major challenge to many firms. However, opportunities present themselves to the creative and innovative.

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Capital markets firms need access to (near) real-time, high-quality reports for internal business needs such as MIS, treasury, operations, and financial reporting as well as for external needs.

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