Cards & Payments

Payments around the world are undergoing radical transformation across the entire value chain. This includes – Acquiring or Originating transaction, Processing, Issuing, and Settlement. There is a confluence of changes on account of – Innovation, Standards, and Compliance & Regulatory commitments. This is impacting – Regulators and National level switches, Banks, Issuers, Payments Networks, amongst others.

New Entrants like Apple, Goolge, Amazon etc. are triggering innovation creating waves of change across the payments industry. Technology advancements are creating payments solutions which hold huge potential in converting complex payment processes into a single touch option of a smartphone.
Global Non-Cash transactions are expected to grow around 8.9%. Real Time payments are becoming a reality and driving the dynamics of retail payments

BFS Industry Expertise

Being in the BFS industry for a very long time has helped us gather in-depth knowledge and expertise naming us as an industry leader. We have put this experience and knowledge to develop tool and accelerators which help us deliver on time with quality.
Our Experience across the length and breadth of the payments industry

Industry Trends and impacts

The entire change in the payments industry is driven by a set of trends triggered by Business, Cost, Regulations, and Technology. With all these changes happening, it is imperative for the banks and financial institutions to adopt and adhere to these changes to be in business. Some of the top payments industry challenges are:
  • Technology advancements like Technology enablers like MPOS, Contactless, NFCs and wearables are driving front end innovations.Banks and Financial institutions are forced to be more agile by improving the technology and infrastructure requirements set by these innovations.
  • Regulators are constantly introducing guidelines and frameworks to ensure customer data privacy, security and an optimal business chances for traditional and non-traditional players. Fostering innovations by regulators might lead to further fragmentation of Payments value chain. More focus towards technology like distributed ledger OR blockchain etc.
  • Increasing customer demands like immediate payments driving payments back-end Processing to transform into next generation payment methods. Investment into transforming legacy infrastructure to centralized payment hubs with plug and play capability and high customizable to offer personalized value added services.
  • Security and Authentication becoming as major investment factor to avoid fraud and data breaches and ensure customer satisfaction. Banks compelled to comply with PCI-DSS standards to ensure data security of card transactions. Introduction of security initiatives like EMV shifting fraud focus to internet based fraud and data breaches.

Our Services


  • Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Block-Chain adoption
  • Customer Journey maps


  • Tokenization/HCE
  • Wearables for Payments
  • IOT / SDE
  • Headless ATMs
  • Biometic & Speech Recognition for Payment Authentication
  • Facial Recognition & Authentication
  • Cognitive / Machine learning applied to Fraud & AML screening


  • Real-Time / Faster payment implementation
  • ISO20022 modelling
  • Data Monetization from payments Data
  • PSD 2 implementation


  • 8012 Design Center services
  • ATM Innovation Lab
  • Digital Cyber Security Lab
  • Cross Functional Labs – Integrating Digital, Data, Risk and Payments
  • Oxford Digital Academy

Solutions we offer

VirtusaPolaris, with its 20+ years of experience in the payments industry, have worked through length and breadth of the payments spectrum. We provide both the experience and technology to help banks, credit unions, payment aggregators and processors to improve their payments-related cost savings, speed, security, pricing and customer service. Key services cover
  • Mobile Payments
  • Real Time Payments
  • POS Value Added Services
  • SmartATM.

Mobile Payments

VirtusPolaris offers strong focus on the trends in the Mobility space. Forecasting these changes happening, our Mobility Centre of Excellence have created demonstrable solutions and services that resonate our clients requirements.We have in our solutions on Tokenization, Mobile Wallets, mPOS.

mPOS Solution

Our solution on MPoS focuses on delivering omni-channel experience with plug and play capability and quick technology on-boarding and no infrastructure upgrades.

Tokenization Solution

Data security for a mobile transaction has been a constant concern. To resolve this issue of our clients we have thought about the Tokenization solution. This solution ensures card confidentiality by generating tokenized QR codes to get details from the wallet.

mWallet Solution

Our mobile wallet solution helps banks offer their customers robust mobile payment capabilities, and position the bank at the centre of the mobile payment ecosystem.

Real Time Payments

VirtusaPolaris E2E Real Time Payments Solution ensures that your IT and operations are geared up to meet the challenges presented by real-time payments. We have developed pointed solution that is just right to resolve your challenges at optimized cost.

POS Value Added Services

Our framework on POS Value Added Service provides customers with the flexibility to quickly roll-out value added services and enable new payment methods. All this is done without making changes to existing application.


Our strong experience on ATMs have helped us create an innovative development framework that can enable ATM applications to be Operating System and Device independent there by completely removing banks dependency on ATM vendors and also avoid regular OS migrations.