Big Data Analytics

As the regulatory requirements expand and become more complex for financial institutions, the process of collecting the necessary data becomes more resource intensive and time consuming because of the sheer volume, variety and velocity of the required data.
VirtusaPolaris, in a partnership with MetricStream, offers the Big Data Analytics Solution, which helps clients to aggregate, analyze and extract relevant data and translate it into actionable information. The solution provides robust capabilities around data aggregation, storage and analytics, enabling clients to uncover hidden risks and correlate diverse datasets, while empowering them with necessary information for optimized decision making. By leveraging Hadoop MapReduce and MongoDB NoSQL DFS, the solution derives risk and compliance insights from diverse datasets such as social media feeds, threat and vulnerabilities data feeds by utilizing the power of advanced NLP based text pattern recognition rules.


  • Plug-n-play Solutions: Align risk detection analysis, mitigation and continuous monitoring
  • Big Data Aggregation and Analytics: Automatic advanced scraping capabilities and analysis mechanisms
  • Robust Rule Engine: Rule based analysis for risk detection
  • Advanced Reporting Capabilities: Comprehensive risk reports and dashboards


  • Tackle massive volumes of structured and unstructured data including transactions, trades, social media, multimedia content and weblogs.
  • Manage multiple industry compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • Improve business performance and processes.
  • Comprehensive risk assessments and analysis through mapping the aggregated data to enterprise assets.
  • Ability to identify patterns of fraudulent behavior, anomalies, and similarities to determine if fraud is imminent.
  • Streamlined collection and analysis of large and disparate data points and emerging trends.
  • Derive risk and compliance related insights.
  • Simplified identification, analysis and management of threat and vulnerability data from numerous security solutions, social and digital media content and other sources.
  • Rule based analysis for risk detection.