Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management solution provides capabilities for enterprise risk identification, assessment and management in a highly comprehensive way, allowing a real time 360-degree view for the most optimal decision making. The solution is based on an integrated GRC Platform for successfully managing risk and meeting regulatory requirements while lowering the associated costs. A single centralized solution spreads across the enterprise, covering risk and control data, risk assessment findings and related issues.


  • Risk Identification and Documentation
    Capturing and mapping risk data for comprehensive risk transparency
  • Risk Assessment and Analysis
    Assessment of inherent and residual risk and configurable risk computation methodologies and algorithms
  • Control Design and Assessments
    Frameworks of controls such as COSO, and control assessments based on predefined criteria and checklists
  • Issue Management and Action Planning
    Systematic investigation and remediation of risk issues, tracking the process with automated alerts
  • Risk Monitoring and Reporting
    Dashboards, analytics, heat maps, and reports with deliver in-depth and real-time data


  • Provides matured GRC information model
  • Structured governance, risk management and compliance processes
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Effective and uniform approach to enterprise risk management
  • Common repository for risk data mapping and consolidation
  • Real-time tracking of risks, controls, related issues and other key elements
  • Transformation of raw risk data into useful risk intelligence for strategic decision making and business performance improvement
  • Enhanced risk management with extensive database of frameworks