Digital Banking

With 3 billion internet consumers, 4.3 Trillion USD in Internet based economy, 1.8 Trillion USD of Transactional Spending Power of increasingly digital savvy generations X, Y, and Z, and FinTechs mushrooming, what a bank can’t afford today is to not to deliver delightful, millennial experience in Digital Ecosystem. To compete in the digital financial place, banks require digital transformation partner that can bring not only the innovative digital experience but also a clear understanding to narrow down where business invests wisely.While VirtusaPolaris has developed a full suite of Digital Banking solutions (with 200+ Digital Transformation projects across globe), the key areas of our solution include:

  • Consulting and Solution Services – To access digital maturity and design solution roadmap as a whole for the Digital Banking or for any or all of the following 4 business critical areas.
  • Mobile Banking – Digital Lifestyle solution by segments
  • UDC – Uniform experience across channels
  • Digital Marketing – Personalized Offers, ready configuration
  • API Banking – Flexibly, Innovatively Connect to Marketplace
  • Apps and reusable Solution Components

Business Benefits

Achieve a combination of the following benefits and beyond:

  • Significantly improve Millennial Experience via Digital Banking Consulting and Solutions
  • Solution catering to Flexibility, Scalability and Repeatability. Reduce Time to Market and Costs, and improve Innovation to remain competitive
  • Mobile First Strategy and API Banking
  • Seamless UDC Experience – Any-time, any-where, any-device
  • API Banking enabled Connected, Delightful Marketplace service
  • Digital Marketing Analytics for Revenue Growth



  • eKYC, AML, e-dashboards


  • 5000+ BFS Domain process repository as digital journeys
  • Market place processes

System Integration and Innovation

  • Mobile apps repository and integrating third party development
  • Ecosystem Integration


  • Real time Market and Social Data feed for Digital Banking



  • Proven implementation for marquee clientele
  • Business led Innovation

Digital Banking Solution

  • At the Forefront of Innovation for several large Financial Institutions
  • Customer Experience and Digital Banking Lifecycle services
  • Leading Mobile Banking, Digital Marketing and API innovation provider
  • Active investments in Digital Banking, including IoT, Block-chains

Strategic Partnership

  • Adobe
  • IBM API Connect
  • Backbase