Smart Lending

To address the competitive business environment, increasing customer expectations and changing regulatory requirements, banks and other FI’s have been forced to provide enhanced services to the customers. In doing so these institutions will have to ensure that their profit margins will not get affected. These concerns have made Banks & FI’s to think innovative and offer services which will not only help to increase their market share but also will help them to handle their operations cost effectively and efficiently. Smart Lending is one such automated solution which will help these FI’s to reduce their loan processing time considerably, reduces paper work and enables faster funding to speed loan origination and customer on-boarding processes.

Smart Lending Solution

Polaris helps in creating centralized operations hub which connects FI’s to all their channel partners and stake holders. The lender can view and monitor all processes real-time and with the help of Polaris automated solutions, TAT of processes reduces while providing increased effectiveness & efficiency. Polaris innovative e-mortgage solution is part of the Smart lending solutions which revolutionizes the mode in which mortgages are originated, processed, closed and shipped giving FI’s an edge against competition.

The ECM based solution will virtually create a paperless environment for the paper driven industry and supports automated decision making through a STP enabled process. Our tailor made services will help the customers to execute complex business strategies with enhanced customer self-service capabilities.

Key Challenges for the Financial Institutions

  • Lack of automated workflow in credit decision with repetitive/duplicated process efforts and increased turnaround time for customer decision
  • Intense competition from the P2P lenders and increasing demand from the customers
  • Absence of a streamlined and customizable solution to meet customer requirements
  • Discrete platforms / systems for different loan portfolios making system enhancements complex, expensive and time taking
  • Inability of offer new products due to a lack of a scalable integrated platforms
  • Inability to adjudicate best Loan product Vs Pricing match, credit profiling and financial needs
  • Highly paper driven industry with huge document selection and storage process


  • Reduce Expenditure and increase revenue with improved operational efficiencies and Straight through Processing
  • Increased loan processing capacity
  • Speedier decision making
  • Reduced operating costs

Easy Integration with Core Banking and Other Interfacing systems