Affordable Care Act (ACA)

The recently enacted Affordable Care Act (ACA) is resulting in a plethora of changes in the way payer organizations do business. The act mandates payers to create new products and provider networks that are tailored and personalized to individual customer needs. Virtusa helps healthcare organizations to streamline enrollment, account installation, billing and collection among other critical activities in their service centers to prepare for the changes required by the ACA.

Virtusa's Service Center Solutions

Virtusa adopts an iterative and modular strategy that assures fast improvements in customer satisfaction. The comprehensive approach helps identify the right measures, the expected performance level and how to get there, while enabling continuous improvement that can accommodate change. Our offerings span member and provider call centers, healthcare services, account installation, enrollment, billing & collection, claims, provider management:

  • CRM roadmap. Align strategic business goals with technology in a deliberate, agile manner to improve the customer experience.
  • Sales cycle management. Maximize customer acquisition and retention by providing a 360 degree platform from pre-sales through service.
  • Prior authorization automation. Improve the efficiency, quality and timeliness of medical policy for all constituents.
  • Global emergency medical alerts. Provide triage for life threatening incidents using the latest in CRM and mobile technology.