Health Insurance Marketplace

Healthcare organizations are focusing on preparing their systems and processes for the sea of changes transforming the healthcare industry. With the introduction of health insurance exchanges, payers are now required to offer similar products and compete on price. Leveraging our rich technological capabilities, we build an IT infrastructure that accesses personal information, integrates with participating entities, complies with privacy and security standards, readily adopts new mobile technology and is sustainable and scalable.

Virtusa's Patient/Member Reach Solutions

Our solution leverages both the Adobe® Digital Marketing Suite and Virtusa’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) capabilities to measure, analyze and optimize consumers’ digital interactions across multiple channels and devices. Consumers benefit from highly personalized and highly educational health insurance e-content and sales portals which engage and follow up with them based on individual health needs. Member Reach will allow healthcare payers to present consumers with personalized plan selections and ongoing information dialogue that cater to their specific needs, in turn reducing costs and increasing member acquisition, retention and loyalty.