HEDIS Reporting

Payer organizations are investing heavily in data integration technologies to adhere to the many regulations enforced by HEDIS reporting that requires payers to collect, analyze and submit HEDIS reports to The National Committee for Quality Assurance. With expertise in healthcare informatics, we help payers smartly integrate their systems for quick data consolidation and retrieval. Our solutions tap the numerous data sources spread across the complex and fragmented healthcare framework to access and leverage actionable insights.

Virtusa’s informatics solutions

Virtusa's Informatics Solutions focuses on integrating data from different sources and ensuring data quality to build an effective end-to-end information management infrastructure.
Virtusa has Informatics Solutions for:

  • Operations. KPI measures, process improvement, product/service design, pricing, contracting, decision support, mergers & acquisitions and compliance.
  • Care management. KPI measures, population management, predictive modeling, accountable care, research, compliance and pay for performance.
  • Consumerism. KPI measures, market segmentation, customer acquisition, consumer trends, product/service satisfaction, behavioral patterns and cross selling.