ICD-10 Mandates

The American healthcare industry is going through a fundamental transition driven by policy changes that impact key operational aspects of the business. A significant part of this is the US Department of Health and Human Services’ (HSS) mandate to migrate to ICD-10 codes for classifying diseases and health problems by October 1, 2014.

With Virtusa’s focused ICD-10 offerings for payers, organizations can now:

  • effectively prepare for the transition to ICD-10
  • ensure operational readiness post transition
  • improve claims processing through workflow automation
  • enable quick remediation through end-to-end testing

Virtusa’s ICD-10 migration offering

  • An assessment and remediation program to assess readiness, identify gaps, opportunities, and risks and development and implementation of a remediation strategy
  • Improved analysis and use of diagnosis codes to support business process improvements in underwriting, actuarial, medical cost trends and financials
  • Leverages increased data granularity to enable health plans and employer groups to define more detailed plan coverage
  • Extensive testing capabilities to support ICD-10

Virtusa’s ICD-10 testing offering

Our ICD-10 testing offering provides the key to minimizing financial risk by ensuring not only the remediation of code,, but also the clinical and financial accuracy of data, processes and displays. Virtusa's ICD-10 Testing & Validation solution provides a structured approach that identifies business impacts at every step of the migration journey ensuring immediate operational readiness post remediation. Our offerings include:

  • ICD-10 test strategy assessment
  • ICD-10 remediation functional testing assistance
  • Business process focused end-to-end three-phase validation:
    • Functionality validation
    • Clinical validation
    • Financial validation