Accountable Care Organization

With payer organizations focusing more on enabling better care coordination and addressing the complete continuum of care as a result of the shift to the accountable model of care, providers need robust solutions in place to actively reach and engage their patients. Virtusa helps organizations prepare for the asks of the accountable care organization by building the processes and capabilities that enable increased awareness through patient engagement activities, improving the flow of best quality information for preventive care, etc.

Virtusa's Care Management Solutions

Virtusa works with Provider organizations to build an operational infrastructure that enables them to overcome the inefficiencies associated with highly complex, fragmented healthcare environments. We specialize in developing and implementing integrated health platforms to provide a single platform for all involved in delivering patient care for better outcomes, quality and cost. We understand that organizational capabilities need to be supported by an IT infrastructure that integrates with participating entities, complies with quality standards, readily adopts new care paradigms and is sustainable and scalable.

  • Population management. Health assessments, predictive modeling, health promotion, wellness, reimbursement.
  • Disease management. Evidence based medicine, clinical decision support, EMR & EHR interoperability, care continuity, outcome measurements.
  • Utilization management. Clinical best practices, decision support, service provider selection, referrals, authorizations.

Virtusa’s Patient/Member Reach Offerings

Our solution leverages our rich expertise in ECM and DAM to enable an enhanced user experience across multiple channels and devices. We enable provider organizations to reach acquire, engage and retain patients by creating a highly customer centric online presence. Through various tools and technologies such as Adobe® Digital Marketing Suite and our in-house CEM framework we have the ability to measure, analyze and optimize users’ digital interactions. With highly informative information and the ability to schedule appointments, join support group etc. all with a click of a button, Virtusa’s patient/member reach offerings enables provider organizations to reach patients effectively and on an ongoing basis.
Our solutions focus on:

  • Engagement. Marketing, enrollment, registration, PHRs, assessments, decision support, coaching, games.
  • Service. Scheduling, access, care plans, PHI tracking, medication management and refills, remote monitoring, alerts, reminders.
  • Support. Coaching, alerts, reminders, education, communities, focus groups, lifestyle device integration.