HEDIS Compliance

With Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) reporting transforming the way data has been leveraged across the multiple siloed systems in a fragmented healthcare market, providers are seeking for the right tools and methodologies to drive actionable information for better business results.

With Virtusa’s strong expertise in healthcare informatics, we help providers smartly integrate their systems with their payer networks to provide accelerated outcomes to our clients. We generate comprehensive and actionable insights using our solutions to ensure compliance with all mandates of HEDIS reporting.

Virtusa’s Informatics Solutions

Leveraging our rich Enterprise Information Management (EIM) capabilities and our deep understanding of the complex and fragmented healthcare system, Virtusa's Informatics Solutions for providers is built to improve data analytics for quicker and effective decision making.
Virtusa's Informatics Solutions effectively taps into data stored in multiple independent systems while ensuring the highest level of data quality, enabling provider organizations to have a consistent and precise view of actionable information.

Our Informatics Solutions enable Providers to:

  • Identify and measure KPIs
  • Effectively monitor population management
  • Utilize predictive modeling to forecast trends
  • Smoothly migrate to accountable care model
  • Ensure compliance