HIPAA requirements

Given the costs and impact on process efficiency owing to delays in HIPAA migration, Provider organizations should quickly create and implement their migration initiatives if not done already. Leveraging our years of experience in enabling leading healthcare providers to effortlessly comply with changing evolutions with minimum disruption to their processes, we have a robust solution for HIPAA compliance. We understand the impact of HIPAA mandates on provider’s billing, medical records, patient privacy, and the electronic transmission of medical data and the changes needed to their IT systems.
Virtusa helps providers prepare for the extensive and complex regulations under HIPAA as well as other evolving mandates through our focused compliance solutions.

Virtusa’s compliance solutions

Our solutions are aligned with important compliance mandates and enable payers to eliminate the risks of non-compliance including lost market share, brand damage and financial penalties, etc. We enable complete adherence to various mandates, rules and regulations while guaranteeing the highest data quality, privacy and security. Our compliance solutions leverage our deep Business Process Management (BPM) expertise to gear business processes for changes based on rules, policies, decisions, etc.