ICD 10 Regulations

With evolving regulations such as the US Department of Health and Human Services’ (HSS) mandate to move to ICD-10 codes for classifying diseases and health problems by October 1, 2014, the American healthcare industry is going through significant changes. Virtusa is the trusted partner for many leading Provider organizations in their journey to successful ICD-1O transition.

We prepare Providers to efficiently integrate their multiple systems, effectively incorporate the new codes into their processes, and provide comprehensive testing enabling operational readiness post migration. All this, without disrupting quality and timely care delivery.

Virtusa’s ICD-10 Migration Offering

Based on our rich experience in solving challenges for numerous provider organizations, we understand the challenges of ICD-10 migration and the impact it can have on your organization. By leveraging our extensive technical capabilities and our healthcare industry expertise we build an effective remediation plan to overcome these issues.

  • Assessment and remediation program to assess readiness, measure risks, identify threats and opportunities and accordingly create a remediation strategy
  • Improved analysis to enable business process improvements in provider’s infrastructure to streamlines payer related functions
  • Extensive testing capabilities to support ICD-10

Virtusa’s ICD-10 Testing Offering

Our ICD-10 testing offerings enable providers to minimize risk by providing an end-to-end testing program that spans code remediation, clinical and financial accuracy of data, etc. We empower organizations to tackle challenges at every step of the migration journey by leveraging our proven structured Virtusa's ICD-10 Testing & Validation approach.
Our offering spans:

  • ICD-10 strategy assessment
  • ICD-10 remediation functional testing assistance
  • Business process focused end-to-end three-phase validation:
    • Functionality validation
    • Clinical validation
    • Financial validation