Life Sciences

Rapid expansion of medical innovation and concerns about the cost of care are catalysts driving transformation in the Healthcare industry. Adding to these complexities are the increased pressures of heightened competition, the need for faster time to market and increased costs of research, development and operations. Life Science organizations therefore require the right support to facilitate achieving profitability and providing better health.

Compounding this situation further is the increase in regulatory requirements and the need for a higher focus on ‘customer loyalty’. Compliance with mandates like the Sunshine Act and ePedigree and protection of intellectual property are top priority. Organizations have extended into care management to create a tighter bond with the end customer to improve outcomes and mitigate the cost of care.

This new era of operations requires breakthrough solutions that leverage industry knowledge, understanding what is needed for success in the future, expertise with new technologies and how to get there. Key in getting there is being quick, agile and using capabilities such as customer relationship management, big data analytics, portals, mobility and compliance platforms.

Virtusa’s expertise in Life Sciences from leading medical innovation clientele, has equipped us with a broad range of capabilities tailored to address the unique needs of Life Sciences. Whether it is operating efficiencies, care management, consumer engagement, informatics or compliance, we partner with clients in their roadmap for transformational changes that keep pace with healthcare’s evolution.