Consulting solutions

Insurers grapple with the twin demands to "run the business" and "change the business". VirtusaPolaris understands these demands and offers solutions and services that:

  • Provide competitive advantage through Industry expertise and technical depth
  • Shift to "expert advice" consulting from traditional single perspective
  • Design innovative solutions that are quick and effective
  • Enable change through swift and efficient implementation

VirtusaPolaris' portfolio of solutions and services in consulting comprise:

Insurance Analytics

VirtusaPolaris' claims analytics solution offers insurers a platform to plug into their existing data sources and derive business insights using dashboards and models to slice, dice and simulate data

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Operational Excellence

VirtusaPolaris along with partner Enlighten OPEX have developed transformation programs that dramatically improve management’s ability to understand and optimize operational performance.

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Actuarial Modernization

VirtusaPolaris develops and implements new strategies to help modernize and transform actuarial organizations and enable them address accounting, risk, and regulatory changes.

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Data Lineage and Data Strategy

VirtusaPolaris proposes an approach to traverse from end-of-the-line data elements to the system of origin to conduct a data lineage analysis.

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Application Rationalization

Our portfolio assessment approach to IT applications can help CIOs with rationalization and quality strategy and decisions.

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Accelerated Solution Design

VirtusaPolaris has sound business consulting expertise and adopts the Accelerated Solution Design (ASD) methodology to fast-track program delivery and to improve discipline around requirements captur

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Complex Program Management

VirtusaPolaris' product engineering background has bestowed VirtusaPolaris with an engineering rigor to manage complex projects with the precision and expertise.

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