VirtusaPolaris' technology inheritance coupled with a deep domain expertise makes VirtusaPolaris an astounding leader in providing business solutions. The insurance industry experience at VirtusaPolaris spans across various lines of businesses. These are categorized into the industry segments such as Property and Casualty Insurance (both Personal and Commercial), Life Insurance (both Individual and Group Life Insurance), Wealth and Reinsurance. The complex and large programs implemented successfully not only yield business benefits but also are a testimony to VirtusaPolaris' expertise. These programs have made a positive impact to the end customers and have significantly reduced the business costs.

Insurance industry solutions in VirtusaPolaris bring together the Consulting, Innovation, Transformation, and Strategic Outsourcing solutions across these segments. These solutions make VirtusaPolaris a thought leader in conceptualizing and delivering solutions that accelerate the business benefits. These business benefits give VirtusaPolaris' customers a leading edge among their competitors.

Property and Casualty

VirtusaPolaris leverages industry knowledge and applies enabling technologies to generate new ideas and deliver real value to property and casualty insurance organizations.

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Life Insurance

VirtusaPolaris drives operational excellence and process transformation for life insurance organizations.

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VirtusaPolaris provides end to end offerings to our clients who are the largest and most successful wealth management and retirement services within the insurance industry.

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Continued improvement in the quality of healthcare and containing costs to acceptable levels are constant endeavors for the entire healthcare industry.

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