We help manufacturing industries across electronic and electrical equipment, containers and packaging, commercial vehicles and machinery drive business efficiency while reducing TCO:

  • Electronic and electrical equipment: The Electronic and electrical equipment manufacturing industry produces a variety of industrial and commercial products including power, distribution and specialty transformers; electric motors, generators and motor-generator sets; switchgear and switchboard apparatus; relays; and industrial controls.

    Virtusa enables electronic and electrical equipment manufacturers to streamline operations and optimize their supply chains resulting in increased revenue streams while reducing costs.

  • Containers and packaging: The Containers & Packaging industry primarily focuses on metal, glass and plastic containers and packaging operations. Rising consumerism and the resulting increase in the demand for ‘convenience’ in package is driving unprecedented growth in the industry as well as persuading the management to review their supply chain practices.

    Virtusa empowers containers and packaging manufacturers to innovate product development and accelerate time-to-market while ensuring the highest levels of quality and control.

  • Commercial vehicles and machinery: Commercial-vehicles and machinery makers globally are facing multiple challenges including intensifying competition from emerging market players, increased regulations and demands for product commoditization.

    Virtusa enables commercial vehicles and machinery manufacturers to transform these challenges into business opportunities by crafting resilient supply chain strategies, reducing operational costs and facilitating the right investments to optimize fuel efficiency and emissions.