Big Data and Analytics

Sifting through reams of data may reveal great business opportunities. While working with multiple organizations to generate actionable information, Virtusa has witnessed that core activities such as micro-targeting of customers, predictive modeling for ad servers and offers, recommendation engines, spot-market pricing, social network mining, and so on require the ability to process large volumes of data quickly and efficiently.

  • Virtusa’s Media focused Big Data Services helps companies with presences in print, film, music, television and online in getting a holistic picture of each customer – understanding not just their demographics but their complete history with our client’s products, across channels and social connections.
  • Virtusa offers more value to customers by leveraging the knowledge of individual customer preferences to not only enable right targeting of content, but also to predict market reaction to products during the acquisition or approval process, leading to more accurate forecasting and fewer under-performing releases.
  • With our rich domain expertise in Enterprise Information Management and years of experience in enabling fortune 500 companies to leverage meaningful insights from their business data, our Big Data Services for Media provides:
    • An integrated view of customer activities
    • Useful visualizations to understand patterns in activities
    • Predictive models to help improve ad revenue
    • Better understanding of past performance