Media Asset Management

Modern media companies produce media assets in huge quantities, in a variety of formats and from multiple sources. Virtusa helps them overcome the challenges of keeping up with the flood of new multi-format material received from producers, agencies, publicists and in-house creatives through our robust media asset management capabilities. Our solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Enable licensing and marketing functions to find the right assets to sell and distribute and in the format of their choice, enabling optimized return on assets
  • Significantly add value to client’s media assets by accelerating asset availability
  • Provide innovative ways to monetize content by identifying and distributing content through multiple platforms
  • Provide a single, integrated view into asset repositories, reducing the chance of an asset being overlooked and any revenue opportunity being missed
  • Overcome challenges pertaining to changing consumer demand patterns and associated updates to taxonomy and metadata through taxonomy development, assessment & testing, implementation and metadata creation
  • Streamline the licensing process for media companies with well-documented and enforced license terms, reducing costly mistakes
  • Virtusa’s Media Asset Management services leverages best practices from multiple projects to improve clients’ media asset management. We help clients’ specific needs including:
    • Media Asset Management selection
    • Media Asset Management customization
    • Repository design
    • Workflow and taxonomy design