With the advent of the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others, and the growing popularity of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), media companies need to re-strategize the way they serve content to their customers. Virtusa provides insightful advice and brings in the necessary expertise to help media organizations build infrastructure and the broad set of applications to be able to scale and transition to a socially enabled organization.

Virtusa follows a collaborative, structured approach to measuring and expanding the Social Footprint for media firms. We develops and delivers the right social experience for various brands or networks, ensuring easy adaptability to external social environment changes.

Our Social strategy consists of various phases including:

  • Measure social research
  • Define strategic roadmap
  • Implement solution and SEO
  • Analyze social activity

We help clients define processes to gain deep insights into their user communities and leverage data to improve future marketing and content development initiatives. Our offering transforms news or content consumption into an engaging experience for publishing companies. This results in increased circulation (digital and print), ad revenues and retained reader loyalty

Virtusa's solutions help convert passive viewers into active and deeply engaged viewers for broadcasting companies across their networks and brands by developing interfaces through second screens to interact with the media content and leverage engagement as part of a larger monetization strategy