SimCorp Dimension Upgrade and Testing Methodology

Some of the world's leading organisations have trusted their SimCorp Dimension upgrades to VirtusaPolaris. As one of the leading SimCorp Dimension experts, we manage upgrade projects efficiently. By partnering with VirtusaPolaris, organisations can access the largest pool of experienced SimCorp Dimension consultants and profit from the knowledge gained from managing successful and efficient upgrade projects. Working with VirtusaPolaris will enable organisations to ensure a latest SimCorp Dimension functionality with minimum amount of effort, allowing them to maximize their technology investment.

A critical factor while upgrading the SimCorp Dimension suite is to ensure that current business requirements remain undisrupted when the version of the software changes. With a focused methodology that combines the right competence, engagement model, knowledge transfer and regression packages, VirtusaPolaris’ SimCorp Dimension Upgrade Methodology is the preferred choice amongst many vendor solutions in the market. By outsourcing the upgrades to VirtusaPolaris, organisations can focus on their core business and expect enhanced efficiency with every upgrade.

What do we offer?

VirtusaPolaris’ extensive experience in Simcorp Dimension upgrade and testing provides organisations with direct access to a highly skilled upgrade service team. Our testing methodology consists of a number of steps. Each step has its own processes, procedures and pre-defined deliverables. Organisations can have complete project control from initiation to project close via VirtusaPolaris’ SimCorp Dimension Upgrade Methodology. VirtusaPolaris’ holistic approach helps organisations from the initial idea to a fully live and operational platform with the new SimCorp Dimension version. The steps involved include:

  • Establishing phase includes a workshop to map the environment and the demands of testing. The test cases are produced after the findings in the establishing phase
  • Testing is performed and well documented. All exceptions are reported to the client and the vendor
  • All exceptions are retested and closed if the exception is solved. A full circle is done otherwise
  • Final report of the testing summarises all test cases and open issues are reported to the client for signing
  • After a year, the release notes will be performed and included in the establishing phase where relevant news will be pointed out to the client.

Benefits of working with us

Some of the sample benefits realised by our clients include the following:

  • Reduced opportunity cost by minimising demand on key internal resources and better use of their time to bring your business forward
  • Efficient testing methodology with best practices
  • Enhanced risk management
  • Significant reduction in cost due to predefined test cases and scenarios with reusable processes
  • A thorough documentation with a clear sign off at the end of the testing
  • A clear picture if the same problems are reported by the number of clients
  • A clear analysis on the release notes which will highlight relevant functions for your organisation.