Wallstreet Suite

In today’s increasingly highly demanding financial services industry, efficient processes, controlled information flows and perfectly tuned systems provide a critical edge to remain ahead of the competition. Organisations are now recognising the need for a flexible, scalable, and adaptable solution to manage their day-to-day operations and mitigate risks while at the same time accelerate their business growth and reduce costs.

VirtusaPolaris delivers solutions that help in seamless integration of complex workflows to deliver faster and accurate business results. Our dedicated team of professionals has an in-depth knowledge of the treasury management lifecycle which helps our clients cater to the evolving business needs of their customers.

What do we offer?

VirtusaPolaris has delivered services to Trema and its product “Finance KIT” since 1997, and has evolved since to become the true powerhouse serving the WSS community. We retain the world’s largest pool of WSS expertise on both a functional and technical level outside of Wallstreet Systems (now ION Trading). Our WSS expertise coupled with the industry’s best practices help our clients reduce the complexity of system set-ups. We maintain deep expertise on all modules within Wallstreet Suite.

VirtusaPolaris has a long history of Wallstreet Suite development and conversion of development into released standard functionality. Example development:

Benefits of working with us

Some of the sample benefits realised by our clients include the following:

  • In-depth knowledge of entire treasury lifecycle
  • Independent from any hardware of software vendor
  • Proven excellence in Wallstreet Suite since inception
  • Offering spans consulting and managed services
  • Flexible business models supporting both short-term and long term placement of consultants
  • Track record and references
  • Global network
  • 24/ 7 support
  • SOX and ITIL v3 compliant