Transformation & Migration

As new technologies, standards, and applications emerge, old applications evolve into legacy systems, losing agility, efficacy and relevance. Older technologies and standards run the risk of obsolescence over a period of time and as a result, valuable information assets become trapped in often proprietary systems and file formats. The challenge organizations face is to efficiently transfer information into new environments, in a short period of time, cost-effectively, and without losing data quality and integrity. Transferring and migrating complex systems and applications that is supporting mission-critical business processes on legacy platforms is challenging and expensive.

Virtusa's legacy transformation services help organizations reduce cost and unlock the business value of legacy applications. We provide a range of offerings that are designed to address legacy-related challenges and costs while helping to incrementally position our clients' IT environment for new initiatives.

Virtusa's Legacy Transformation & Migration Services

Virtusa helps companies move rapidly through the transformation process and obtain measurable value with less risk. Our legacy transformation & migration services offer:

  • Lower overall infrastructure maintenance and support costs
  • Value-added features, flexibility and enhanced scalability for existing systems
  • Increased systems efficiency, thereby influencing business productivity and end-user efficiency
  • Reduced time-to-market