Enterprise Code Governance - ERA Insight

ERA Insight - Improving Effectiveness of the Software Delivery Organization

Software development with ERA InsightPoor code quality and low developer productivity are some of the critical challenges plaguing today's CTOs as they manage software development initiatives. While the need to improve software quality is right on top of IT managers' agendas, most face challenges in identifying specific quality issues. Another key concern is the predictability of outsourced software delivery.

Virtusa's long association with Independent Software Vendors has given us unique insights into delivering high-quality software using governance tools to incent and manage improvements in code quality, reuse and productivity.

Virtusa's proprietary ERA Insight tool:

  • Comprehensive code quality and reuse governance solution
  • Assists clients in monitoring enterprise-wide software quality and reuse across code bases and institutes remediation plans to improve development efficiencies
  • Provides dashboard visibility on a variety of code quality and reuse metrics across code bases in the organization
  • Provides drill-down across multiple parameters such as code bases and technologies into specific details of each metric allowing root cause analysis of code quality issues
  • Lowers overall cost of application development and maintenance
  • Improves code efficiency
  • Enhances employee productivity through systemic improvements in code quality
  • Key features include:
    • Extensive dashboard and drill-down capabilities
    • Wide variety of code metrics
    • Govern reuse
    • Wide technology support
    • Manages code quality defects
    • Powerful change code analysis
    • Geared for enterprise usage
  • Service offerings include:
    • ERA Insight managed service
    • Code quality governance using ERA Insight
    • Snapshot code assessments using ERA Insight