Auto4GL is a 4GL environment for test automation that enables manual testers to automate. Auto4GL provides a GUI environment where automation models can be created at a more abstract level by business/domain centric users or manual testers. It takes a scripting accelerator or 4GL approach to test automation and generate the Virtusa Test Automation Framework (VTAF) compatible automation scripts from the conceptual model providing unparalleled acceleration and sustainable cost savings.

Auto4GL features include:

  • A tool agnostic model based tool
  • Simplifies automation to a conceptual model rather than script
  • Supports page/object definitions, data-driven tests and reuse
  • Extremely easy to learn and use by non-specialists
  • Generates clean, standards/best practices and VTAF compliant automation scripts

Auto4GL deals with the following test automation concepts (or domain model elements) in a natural language form:

  • Pages accessed via a URL that contain UI objects
  • Test suites that contain test cases, which can optionally be data driven
  • Test cases that contain test commands (or steps)
  • Reusable libraries of business components that contain test commands
  • Test commands that manipulate/validate content in UI objects
  • Test data that can be used by test cases or business components

Auto4GL benefits:

  • Cost benefit due to non-specialized resources and higher productivity; no specialized automation skills are required
  • Improves maintainability of the test suites to facilitate business agility – Object Manager component automatically captures object identifiers that have changed in user interfaces
  • Independent of test automation tools – provides complete control over the automation script generation engine