Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud offerings

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer reliable and secure on-demand infrastructure. Amazon is leader in cloud computing and a major vendor in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) area. Our AWS cloud experts have extensive experience in helping customers build their IT strategy in AWS cloud.

Our AWS cloud services include:

Adopt – Migration to AWS, assessment and comprehensive cloud strategy

  • Detailed assessment of the existing applications and hosting solutions
  • Comprehensive cloud strategy to meet business and technical goals – financial assessment, regulatory & compliance requirements, application discovery and classification
  • Identification and alignment of applications suitable for AWS; Migration to AWS
  • Piloting of applications and Proof-of-Concept in AWS; Reference architecture and implementation
  • Infrastructure and migration planning, development of roadmap and cost estimates

Embrace – Migration and implementation

  • Migration – Data and application migration; hybrid migration strategy; planned cut over
  • Comprehensive infrastructure and application architecture
  • Implementation, deployment and delivery of applications in AWS cloud
  • Cross-platform application integration with existing on-premise infrastructure and gateway implementation
  • Leveraging AWS – Auto-scaling, automation, elasticity, high-availability, Disaster Recovery (DR), backup, archival and storage strategy
  • Security – VPC, Subnets, ACLs, locked down security groups, IP tables, penetration testing etc.
  • Quality Assurance – Functional testing, UAT, performance testing, fail-over and DR testing
  • Monitoring services – Monitor tools and frameworks, command and control center, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Optimize – Optimization and management services

  • Utilization and performance optimization
  • Re-engineering applications for AWS cloud
  • Complete infrastructure automation using various popular tools and techniques - AWS CloudFormation, OpsWorks, Chef, Puppet, CloudInit etc.
  • Implement automation tools for application deployment
  • Re-factor application architecture and embrace additional AWS services