Mobile Publishing Solution

Setting up portals for mobile delivery may seem a low cost solution but organizations soon realize that the cost of managing mobile delivery through these platforms alone can be very expensive in the long run. As organizations start building and supporting device-specific applications, these costs escalate tremendously. The cost of content management (typically consisting of content creation, operations, migration and validation) increases when mobile content is managed separately. In many cases, a unified delivery platform is the best and most cost effective way to publish content seamlessly across various channels such as web, mobile web, mobile apps and print media.Mobile Publishing Solution

Virtusa's Mobile Publishing Solution

Virtusa’s Mobile Publishing platform enables organizations to leverage content from existing ECM system to publish it on multiple mobile devices through various channels that help organizations increase ROI on their content investments. It enables publishing of content to channels such as mobile web (mobile browser based web access) and dedicated mobile-specific applications (such as iPhone, Android & Blackberry apps).

The feature-rich mobile publishing platform provides several productivity enhancing features including:

  • Unified content publishing & management within the content management system
    • Content is reused across multiple channels
    • Single content creation/review workflow for all devices
    • Single-click content publishing for all channels
  • Device-specific content rendering
    • Different attributes can be selected for different devices/channels
    • Rich content delivery based on device capabilities
  • Optimized content / document display
  • Unified content definition

Virtusa's Mobile Publishing Services

In addition to the Mobile Publishing platform, Virtusa offers:

  • Mobile content consulting services
    • Virtusa helps define an organization’s mobility roadmap and project plan to enable content publishing on multiple mobile channels
  • Mobile publishing solution implementation
    • Solution execution by leveraging Virtusa’s mobility framework customizable as per client needs
  • Support & maintenance services
    • Virtusa enables organizations to extend mobility solution on newer devices and platforms
  • Integration with third party mobile systems

Solution Benefits

Through Virtusa’s Mobile Publishing platform organizations can provides better, faster and richer experience to the customer, while increasing market share for organizations. The platform ensures:

  • Increased monetization opportunity by leveraging same content for all mobile channels
  • Increased portal reach by catering to mobile customers
  • Increased customer stickiness when accessed from mobile devices
  • Ease of use & access for customers / employees
  • Improved employee productivity by enabling content on-the-go
  • Higher value services for customers
  • Increased customer satisfaction