Master Data Management

Virtusa's MDM ExpertiseMost organizations have data in multiple systems and applications. Each of these data sets evolve independently and conflicts with data in other silos, resulting in inefficient business processes and unsatisfied customers, posing a significant threat to data by itself. By consolidating the master data and managing it consistently across the enterprise, organizations can improve business processes efficiently, become agile, responsive and strengthen their decision making capabilities.

VirtusaPolaris understands that through effective MDM, organizations can eliminate errors, become efficient in their business activities and accelerate critical processes such as new product introductions, new service provisioning, cross-sell/up-sell initiatives and enhanced customer service. Our MDM solution uses an accurate matching process that can link the data in disparate information systems to gain a complete view of information on demand, while increasing data integrity in each data source.

Our MDM services offer the following business benefits:

  • Delivers single, trusted versions of critical data assets and their relationships whenever and wherever they are needed
  • Helps organizations unlock the value of their data assets and elevate the effectiveness of their most important business processes
  • Improved effectiveness and efficiency across the enterprise with continuous access to a single unified view of master data
  • Increased productivity and reduced IT maintenance costs by eliminating outdated and redundant systems and records
  • Allows to make strategic, accurate and timely business decisions with reliable information that organizations are looking for
  • Allows to distribute relevant data to end-users with easy-to-use tools that simplify data consolidation and distribution