Tableau offers highly interactive and intuitive data discovery products that enable business users to easily access, prepare and analyze their data without the need for coding. Tableau empowers non-technical users to start interacting with data through an intuitive visual interface and to iteratively ask and answer questions and discover new insights. Tableau continues to execute better than any vendor in the BI market. Tableau's core product strengths continue to be its diverse range of data source connectivity, interactive visualization and exploration capabilities, versatility of deployment options across cloud and on-premises

Tableau offers the following products:

  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Online (hosted version of Tableau Server)
  • Tableau Mobile (empowers users to author and view anywhere)
  • Tableau Reader: (Free to use application to interact with Tableau data visualizations)
  • Tableau Public (free to use application that allows anyone to create & publish visualizations on the web)