Consulting Offerings

Value Discovery

ERP applications once implemented are never reviewed for their effectiveness and how well they address the business needs. And over a period of time and as the business needs, change the system’s inability to address them also increases, to the dissatisfaction of the top management and the users. ‘Value Discovery’ is a consulting offering from VirtusaPolaris that aims at unleashing the hidden potential of already implemented ERP involving Functional assessment and understanding the business needs and goals, Identification of the information needs and problem areas, Assessment of the extent of application being utilized, Resolution of smaller application issues and Recommendation on Technology Strategy and Roadmap.

Transformation Consulting

With the introduction of Digital & Social Technologies platforms, Infor’s 10x platform has paved the way for many organizations to embrace newer ways to doing business.

Most ERP vendors have evolved their product suite and keep launching newer versions that are significantly improved in terms of functionality, integration and analytics to meet the changing business needs. However, despite many compelling reasons to upgrade, organizations are indecisive mainly because these upgrades involve significant costs and risks as well as necessitate the need for organizational change management.

Transformation Consulting is a unique offering by VirtusaPolaris, which helps organization take that big leap and realize business benefits through ERP upgrade programs. With over 17 years of experience on providing services and solutions on standard ERP platforms, our team of consultants who not only know the application and the older versions, but also know the domain and the business nuances, help clients to do an upgrade assessment to ascertain risks, estimate associated costs and establish the upgrade business case.