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Business Transformation Consulting

VirtusaPolaris focusses on Retail and Distribution industries and allows organizations to effectively manage their business using VirtusaPolaris framework for Retail & Distribution. Some of the key propositions are as below.

a) Pricing and Promotions: With VirtusaPolaris framework for Retail & Distribution, we enable organizations to quickly roll-out pricing and promotions to their channel partners and retail outlets. This will reduce the Go-to market for the organization and adds competitive advantage to the organization.

b) Reducing the Market Outstanding: With an extensive collections framework, VirtusaPolaris solution for Retail & Distribution allows the sales team to effectively manage retail accounts and collect outstanding payments quickly.

c) Reducing Lost Sales: Omni channel experience brings a huge challenge to the organization to get the right product at the right time and at the right place. VirtusaPolaris framework for Retail & Distribution provides extensive capability for Forecast, Replenishment and delivery of goods as per the plan.

d) Service Channel Management: Service Channel acts as key pillar for customer satisfaction. The effective migration of a customer/product from Sales channel to service channel is key to the process. With VirtusaPolaris Framework for field Service management and spares management modules, the system enables organization to effectively provide service to all the customers and move towards first time resolution of service requests.

e) Quick Claims Management: Irrespective of Sales or service channel, claims and trade allowances play a very important part of the distributor ROI. The VirtusaPolaris framework allows effective claims management using multi-level workflow and quick disbursement of the funds.