Incentive and Commissions Management

SAP FS-ICM, also known as ISF (Incentive and Sales Force Management) is the primary tool for the calculation of incentives and commissions. The three basic components of FS-ICM feature:

  • ICM - Incentive and Commissions Management
  • CRD - Credentialing
  • PFO - Portfolio Assignment

This solution is particularly designed for an easy access to all aspects of incentive or commission modeling, processing and disbursement. Key features included are:

  • Standard integration in SAP CRM, FI-AR (Accounts Receivable), FI-AP (Accounts Payable), FI-CA (Contract), HR PY (Payroll), SAP PM (Policy Management), FS-CD (Collections and Disbursements)
  • Standard provided tool set for creating and maintaining the distribution hierarchy
  • A design tool and generator provides for the design of a commission system based on customer requirements
  • Ability to calculate incentives and commissions for external entities and internal staff within a single environment
  • Standard services implementation for integration into non-SAP systems
  • Legitimacy mapping functions support the licensing and control of risk management and regulatory compliance with insurance industry requirements (possible integration with FINRA, NIPR, etc.)
  • Complies with standard accounting procedures and uses a dual-level version control to ensure audit compliance
  • An portfolio assignment framework can be used for the maintenance of agents in commission management (integrable in non-SAP systems)
  • Web-based reporting
  • Standard Content and Integration for SAP BI (Business Intelligence)
  • Ability to produce relevant printing forms for commissions / incentives
  • Ability to extend the standard solution with custom fields and screens using SAP’s Business Data Toolset (BDT)