Utilities Solution

The SAP IS-U module is a solution for the utility industry to manage customer accounts. The main components of Utilities include:

  • Device Management for meter reading, management of installations and certification of devices
  • Customizable pricing structures for the standard segments electricity, gas, water / wastewater, district heating and multimedia services
  • Collective Invoicing helps corporate customers with many locations to receive consolidated invoices
  • Invoicing of both block and interval-tariff structures
  • Payment Engine for payment processing of bank transfers or check
  • Payment Engine for processing of recurring customer payments
  • Automatic reminders and passing to collection agencies for overdue accounts
  • Direct interface to SAP Financials for posting of receivables and liabilities
  • Consolidated subledger, developed for large customer base and high volume transactions
  • Check Management to void, reissue or cash checks
  • Direct interface to SAP CRM for efficient processing of customer service activities
  • External interfaces to banks for the processing of credit card transactions, payment transactions, check cashing, returns and positive payments
  • Flexible reporting solutions enable seamless access to customer activities
  • Integrated web portal for customers who pay bills online (Biller Direct)