Quality Management

"Quality delivered in time and on budget!"

One of the major challenges for a project is to keep costs low and still achieve the desired results. With quality management, general risks and project costs can be reduced. The use of methods and control procedures during the entire project life cycle can increase the quality level. A quality-oriented method relies on unique quality measures, such as inspection or audit on regular activities throughout the project. We support our customers with the following activities:

  • One-time and / or on-going review of project plans, project organization, assessment of project members’ skill set
  • Document Check - Checking result documents particularly in the context of concept, business blueprint and specification
  • System Check - System analysis of the standard system in use, program documentation, performance
  • Test management - Planning, test case design and test case monitoring

Quality is the result of initial and reactive expertise. We offer both. We implement methods and procedures for your project. Quality management is the central mechanism in order to achieve the project’s success.