SEPA - Single Europe Payment Area : Tomorrow's payment transactions for Eurozone - Are you ready?

Despite an unprecedented globalization level, national payment transaction procedures still dominate. Even in the eurozone credit transfers and direct debits are still processed based on individual nation payment schemes.

The governmental agencies and the credit services sector established uniform rules for national and European payments under the designation SEPA to put an end to this variety. SEPA targets the unification of cashless payment transactions in Europe.

Until 1st February, 2014 - as part of the SEPA initiative - all European companies that offer credit transfer or direct debit as a payment method to their customers must carry out necessary technical and procedural changes according to the EU Regulations and starting from that date comply with the applicable payment methods.

The implementing affects virtually all areas of the company and involves significant organizational changes and - far beyond mere payment transactions.

Is your company ready for SEPA?

VirtusaPolaris offers precise and customized solutions - from extensive professional and technical consulting services to the implementation of SEPA specifics within your SAP system. Our experts will provide important information on all SEPA payment transactions, in particular on SEPA Direct Debit. We discuss possible implications for your business processes and provide recommendations as well as implementation and application examples based on our SEPA best practices.

Regardless of your specific requirements in reference to SEPA, VirtusaPolaris supports your company in the implementation of this complex topic with following services:

  • Management Consulting (from roadmap to project plan)
  • Process Consulting (ascertainment and modification of affected business processes)
  • Technical implementation (customizing and development)