QA Automation

Automation MethodologyAutomation of software QA processes holds the key to solving the challenge of rapidly delivering high quality software applications at reduced cost of manual testing.

We provide the following offerings/services in QA automation:

  • Well established risk-free approach to transition and transform large manual QA engagements
  • Upfront consulting to clearly establish automation priorities, ROI and roadmap
  • Our natural language automation tool stack provides rapid benefits of automation while minimizing risks of a large scale transition
  • Establishing an Automation Center Of Excellence as a high-value shared service
  • A unique Test Automation Framework (VTAF), which creates software testing assets, frameworks and components that can be reused across projects, thereby maximizing the value of test automation suites. By leveraging VTAF, organizations can now automates up to 3X fThe VTAF Flexible Group (VFG)aster than traditional automation frameworks or libraries.
  • VTAF Flex Group (VFG), a focused automation team that combines the advantages of the factory model along with the efficiency improvement introduced by the VTAF framework to deliver automation “quicker, faster, better” and thereby improve ROI for clients.

Benefits from VirtusaPolaris' QA Automation Services include:

  • Reduced test execution time = Reduced cost of test execution
  • Increased ROI
  • Increased reusability
  • Improved scalability and minimization of rework
  • Improved utilization of resources
  • Best practices in data driven and reuse-centered QA automation
  • Improved maintainability of the test suites
  • Reduced vendor-lock-in