Non functional QA

VirtusaPolaris has a host of services for non functional QA to ensure that your implementations are robust and stable. We mitigate risks and validate the ability of your applications to perform efficiently. Our non functional QA services span:

Performance Testing

We address performance issues by comprehensively testing for scalability of applications using a combination of industry-standard, open source and in-house performance testing tools, framework, etc.

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Security Testing

VSeTF, our proprietary testing framework, allows us to provide a comprehensive security layer and helps us identify and mitigate vulnerabilities across code to hosting environment.

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Usability Testing

Our Usability Testing Services cut costs, mitigate risks, make applications/websites more intuitive, resolve interface issues and help develop web applications that are usable and credible.

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Internationalization Testing

Our I18N Testing services are designed to allow products to function in a globalized environment, independent of any particular locale.

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