Internationalization Testing

Virtusa I18N Testing Approach

Our I18N Testing services are designed to allow products to function in a globalized environment, independent of any particular locale. The I18N testing approach primarily focuses on testing the products for support of international character encoding standards. We ensure that the code is capable of handling international features without data loss or display problems.Our two-phased approach to I18N testing ensures most critical defects are eliminated before the application is localized:

  • Phase I - I18N Testing: Testing whether an application is ready to be translated into multiple languages
  • Phase II – Localization (L10N) Testing :Testing the applications on target languages and locales

Using our I18N testing framework, we perform in-depth analysis of client’s application/product, identify the internationalization testing parameters, and develop an appropriate test strategy. We also ensure that we validate the functional behavior of the application/product within internationalized conditions and verify the translatable product components.

Benefits delivered

  • Reduce the overall I18N testing effort through a phased testing approach and use of internationalized automation frameworks
  • Improve product quality by testing the design first before implementation testing, thus identifying critical defects earlier in the cycle
  • Reduce the cost of testing by identifying defects earlier and removing the dependencies on skilled resources
  • Improve time-to-market by enabling organizations to deploy new languages faster