Security Testing

Our Security QA service addresses the numerous mission-critical information security challenges faced by enterprise clients. We offer security QA services using a combination of an application security QA tool and a code review tool. This allows us to cover all areas of information security compliance. The process of security QA will start from architectural analysis and end at penetration QA. Our security QA service covers critical QA domains including code reviews/architectural analysis, application security QA, penetration QA and compliance QA.

Benefits delivered

  • Assured security throughout the applications life cycle
  • Significantly reduced QA time and budgets through a rigorous security QA process
  • Eliminated security defects early in the development cycle through engineering audits
  • Maximized security coverage on IT assets using VSeTF

VirtusaPolaris Security Test Framework (VSeTF), our proprietary QA framework, allows us to provide a comprehensive security layer and helps us identify and mitigate vulnerabilities across the code to hosting environment.