Managed QA Services and QA Center of Excellence

  • 25 % better quality code resulting in cost saving of at least 30% in year one
  • Increase levels of automated regression by 30% every year
  • Improve Defect Recovery Efficiency (DRE) - proven detection rates >98.91% - 2 % higher than industry best in class

Our Managed Services model helps companies achieve an additional 30%- 50 % of cost reduction over the traditional outsourced approach. This model is based on our rich and vast industry experience of implementing multiple test-only focused engagements. We make use of proven test automation tools, platforms and frameworks enabling our customers achieve enhanced business outcome with significant cost savings. Our series of accelerators, underpinned by the VirtusaPolaris Test Methodology are focused on continuous QA improvement. This is completely driven by KPIs and SLAs aligned with an organization’s goal and business objectives. We continuously enhance knowledge acquisition and knowledge transfer, through our millennial tools and platforms which improves the productivity of our QA professionals.

Our QA COE strategy enables our enterprise customers yield cost savings, improving cycle times and solution quality. VirtusaPolaris provides long term benefits through regression automation, test case optimization and execution efficiency improvements.

Our QA Center of Excellence is a framework comprising people, process & technology to govern how QA organizations engage and deliver highly efficient QA solutions for enterprises. VirtusaPolaris QA Centers of Excellence are chartered with the following key goals:

  • Independent testing- Conduct testing without bias
  • Integrated approach to test strategies- Function as a single unit for all QA, follow a consistent strategy with a common set of benchmarks
  • Standard methodologies and deliverables- Apply standardized methodologies and processes to any testing effort and use standardized templates to reduce test planning time
  • Cost reduction through resource sharing- Facilitate retaining of skilled, experienced resources and cross-train them across projects

Benefits of CoE model

  • Create differentiation through innovative approaches and technology leverage
  • Provide access to a wide range of skills and technologies
  • Provide flexibility in headcount to cater to varying levels of demand
  • Deliver strong process-oriented capabilities, making it easy to integrate into the customers working environment
  • Quality gates for better quality of QA, improved productivity and reduced time-to-market
  • Innovative price models which provides up to 30% cost savings
  • Improved total cost of ownership from better software quality
  • Increase customer satisfaction due to improved product quality

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